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Arts, Cultures & Education
Symbol for Identity and Peace

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come

What is your target in 5, 10, 20 years from now?

The worldwide competition between cities, regions and countries to gain prestige as competence and decision centres of tomorrow has begun and the image goes far beyond financial and economic aspects. Nowadays culture, art, education, ecology and social standards are part of the hard facts of this competition. In this aspect questions about identity and the unique positioning on the world stage are increasingly important.

How we can set signs for a future oriented, sustainable development for the benefit of future Generations? How globalisation can be integrated in the cultural sector? How to promote new common ideas and preserving identity and tradition at the same time?

The Delphic Games, as worldwide, intercultural event, are able to answers these essential questions.

The name of the profile "The Delphic Games of the Modern Era" intentionally implies that not every artistic manifestation can be part of the Delphic Games. With respect for all artists and in honor of their creative achievements, the general profiles of the Delphic Games and the individual conditions of the host of the Delphic Games have to be taken into consideration upon selecting the participating artists and art forms.

The Delphic Games can differ in size, focus, content and format such as:

  • Worldwide DELPHIC GAMES – for adults (above 25 years) every four years
  • Worldwide JUNIOR DELPHIC GAMES – for juniors (15 – 25 years) every four years, two years apart of the Delphic Games
  • Regional DELPHIADS – at regional, provincial, national or continental level in coordination with the worldwide Delphic Games, the International Delphic Council and the Delphic Council of the respective country
The Bid Procedure

Cities, regions, countries and organisations are authorised to bid for hosting the Delphic Games if they can proof the requirements as networking in art, culture, administration and economy.

The representative / authorised person of the above body sends as first step an informal letter (in English language) to the International Delphic Council in Berlin to express its interest to host Delphic Games. This letter should give a first impression of the motivation and performance of the candidate.

This is followed by a phase of intensive communication to answer the basic questions. If the result shows positive results the detailed bidding procedure and guidelines will be send to the address of the candidate. The Bidding documents contain also a draft of the Host City Contract (realisation contract).

The candidate announces with the official bid submission to the IDC the Bid Committee, which should include all relevant personalities and representatives of the city/regional government, Ministry of Culture, National Delphic Council (NDC), protagonists of arts and culture and powerful economic partners to express with their presence the necessary competence.

If the candidate's country has no National Delphic Council (NDC) established, an initiative should be carried out to found such a NDC parallel to the bid committee. The chances of the candidate will be increased the higher personalities are involved.

Part of the official bid is beside the overall concept, the realisation of the Delphic Games and the explanations of the infrastructure available, as well as expressive finance, marketing and media plans. In addition the candidate includes the signed Host City Contract, as an offer. After a successful bid the validity of the contract will be confirmed by the IDC.

The selection of the host city of the Delphic Games is regulated by a strict set of rules and is based on an intensive research and evaluation of the submitted bidding documents. With the reception of the bid a bidding lump-sum is due.

Addressee for bids and hosting of Delphic Games:
International Delphic Council, Head Office, Berliner Str. 19 A, D - 13189 Berlin / Germany
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"If someone has a dream"
"it remains a dream."
"If many dream together,"
"it is the beginning of a new reality."

Brazilian Theologian
1909 – 1999

Benefits for Participants
  • Artists – a unique national and international forum to present their arts and culture
  • Teachers – a unique way of testing artistic skills of students and to compare education methods and results around the world
  • Art Federations – a unique worldwide forum for interdisciplinary artistic disciplines at intercultural level in virtue of competitions, presentations and exhibitions
  • Audience – a unique active and transparent participation system
  • Regions, Countries, Cities – a unique motivation for arts, culture and social, political participation and its “branding” possibilities.
  • Economy – a unique podium and worldwide marketing platform with transparent investor and sponsoring opportunity, especially in worldwide media and entertainment sector.